That’s what I do I drink coffee and I know things Fox poster

That's what I do I drink coffee and I know things Fox poster 1

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Serious question: do you still support Trump and if so can you tell me your reasons. I’m not looking for a fight here, I want your honest opinion. I’ve asked others and I get things like, the economy, jobs, etc. But I feel you can give a better explanation given your affinity for research. Thank you in advance. I always enjoy your posts. Even though there areas where I have a difference of opinion, I love reading your well thought out positions. Keep on truckin’ Deb! Always happy to read what’s going on every day from you! My 14 year old daughter is thrilled to hear that you eat mayonnaise with your fries just like her! You make so much sense lots of times! I like your take on matters. People don’t have to engage with you. Many times, they want to snag you in front of of others, that’s all. Please create a course called “Relishing Trolls: How to make the most of those pesky creatures while remaining positive and encouraging.” Adrian Harrold Wood I will seriously sign up, and I think it will be a runaway success and pay for college for your kids. SERIOUSLY. Well, you surprised me on one area. If I knew you better I might reach out to you again.
I think we’d be in stitches about a number of commonalities, but we might draw the line in one area. Peace. Happy to chat if you like. We have a mutual friend. I will continue to follow you cause you tell it like it is. Your like my Mamma and me. If you don’t like us, we don’t care. You have to have a sense of humor in life, especially if you have a special needs kid. Can’t let life get you down.

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