Of Course I Drink Like a Fish, I’m a Mermaid Wine Poster

Of Course I Drink Like a Fish, I'm a Mermaid Wine Poster 1

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I can’t even begin to understand why you would do that. Anyone who works caring for sick animals should be treated with respect and kindness (and paid plenty!). you would be surprised it is more prevalent than you would think but more than likely it is about money and having to pay for their pets treatment which they don’t think they have to do!! People can be vile and I can guarantee it is very unpleasant being on the other end of it! sadly it’s a reasonably common occurrence and it’s so hard having to sit back and keep our fingers away from the keyboard when the social media posse get going. It’s sad when not only do people who are in the wrong leave bad reviews but get their friends and family to do the same when they aren’t even registered at the practice. Adds so much unnecessary stress.

I would so love to be able to point out the owner’s (of the pets) horrible neglect, that led to the condition, that brought them to the vet in the first place, that they can’t afford to treat which is why they complain in the first place. I hate when we get bad reviews for things like that. And they wonder why vets have one of the highest suicide rates
They don’t even get paid that well compared to some other careers, especially all the long days, overtime and weekends. I’m a vet nurse and look up to my fab vet friends! Many years ago I had a problem with a vet being negligent in the care of one of my dogs. My complaint was made to his boss but nothing was mentioned on social media. One should always make the complaint in private. The absolute last resort should be publicly complaining in the press or social media.

I dont understand people who do things like this. I couldn’t be more grateful to my bird’s vet for everything he did to repair his wing after a flying mishap resulted in a fracture. Sadly he’s unlikely to fully regain his previous level of use in it but he’s still here and that all that matters. It never crossed my mind to complain or try and dodge the bill. People blame the vet when they don’t come to the vet early enough, don’t have enough money to care for an animal properly. It is not a right to have an animal, it is a privilege.

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