I need a hug – huge glass of wine shirt, tank top, hoodie

I need a hug - huge glass of wine Hoodie

Buy it now: I need a hug – huge glass of wine shirt, tank top, hoodie

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We will stand strong in November! And we will work to ensure that these companies pay the appropriate economic price for their actions. Freedom! Yes as long as Trumps original voters go to the polls and vote. We will re-elect him. Do not worry about Harris, you would think someone who made it up the ladder as she did would not talk about people. Do they have a clue what will happen to this country if he gets elected or is it they just don’t care? God help us, the working middle class. They only care about manipulation & their greedy selves! done more for this country then OBummer ever did, all the disaster has been caused by the do nothing Democrats who spent the last 3 years being pathetic losers. you do realize that It was President Obama who inherited one of the worst recessions in US history and brought the country back to a place of economic growth and stability which he handed over to Trump? It was Obama who took unemployment from 10 percent down to 4.5 percent to include a steady decrease in unemployment among people of color.

And before Obama left office the stock market was already soaring upward of 20k. You can check these facts at the government website dept of labor statistics. Trump lies about creating the economy Obama handed him and now takes no responsibility for today’s economic disaster. Trump inherited a very stable and growing economy but then gave himself, his family, and wealthy cohorts large tax breaks adding trillions of dollars to the deficit. We tax payers are paying to bail out our farmers and paying for those tariffs resulting from Trump’s inept trade deal. There isn’t anything Trump’s done but create chaos and conflict on a daily basis.

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