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All of these hysterical “masks are tyranny” people running around saying that cloth/surgical masks cause hypoxia are suffering from self-induced-anxiety-related hyperventilation that is completely preventable if they’d just calm the F down and stop looking for some made up reason to feel oppressed by the man.
You want other people’s infected droplets flying at your face, because you’ve been brain washed to believe the false narrative that you’re not breathing properly in a cloth mask, fine….don’t wear one. But if a business actually realizes that this action puts others at risk because now your “possibly infected” slobber is also spewing out into the faces of other people who are following reasonable guidelines to protect themselves and others by wearing a cloth mask, don’t stand on your wobbly soap box and whine about their decision to refuse service to your ignorant behind.
Cloth and surgical masks don’t cause problems with breathing for anyone without an obstructive airway disease or with normal facial anatomy. Period. End of discussion. Stop the hysteria and you’ll breathe fine with one on.
ETA: views are mine and are not expressed on behalf of any organization or employer. Wearing a mask does not make you sick, or deny your body of oxygen. If that was true surgeons would pass out during surgery. What does make you sick and deplete your body of oxygen is COVID 19. Wear a mask. Have respect. No politics. I’m really not interested in your ramblings but if you knew anything remotely about Ppe you’d know that surgeons work in a controlled environment that provides extra oxygen and protection from the gases in the sterile environment.

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