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It seems here in Duplin County that once the stay at home order was lifted and stores were opened, things went right back to normal. Unless you go out of your way to make it happen, there is no social distancing. Two days ago our county hit 1,000 cases. That is a lot for a very rural county.
As for my family, we wear masks and use our hand sanitizer when we get back in the car. I actually picked up my first grocery delivery at Walmart yesterday. Things might be open but I feel that I am more at risk now than I was in April! Roy Cooper’s refusal to open up NC has zero to do with Covid. He is being paid by George Soros and other BIG liberals in an attempt to bring down Trump in Nov. Every day that NC is closed creates another vote for Trump and this is going to backfire on ole Roy and he is gonna lose too! Don’t give up your freedom to Roy or any part of the gov’t! Why would the public follow the social distancing and wearing of masks when the Governor joins thousands of protestors. Walking shoulder to shoulder and no mask. when I saw him, he was wearing a mask. You don’t comply or not comply with distancing and other recommended measures because of what Governor Cooper does. You do it to protect yourself and others. We are the aliens coming bacc from the future. UFO sightings are just us in time machines, because technology has gotten more advanced in the future… to prevent shit like this from happening like they’re trying to keep us from using nuclear weapons witch is probably what made their skin the way they are… They can’t change shit in the past or it would disrupt the future and endanger their very own existence every move they made doesn’t make sense.

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