I Wear A Mask To Make Sure I’m Alive On Election Day Face Mask

I Wear A Mask To Make Sure I’m Alive On Election Day Face Mask

Buy it now: I Wear A Mask To Make Sure I’m Alive On Election Day Face Mask

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Can you please keep your citizens from trying to come to our country because the want to shop how Fucken ignorant we worked hard we shut down are country for months with are government gave all those who lost jobs $2000 a month for 4 months we stayed at home we wore masks we cared for one another we don’t want he Trump Virus begging brought over from your country as Trump is an idiot who only ares for himself n his family why is he being tested regularly but won’t give his own citizens that opportunity to be tested regularly. Masks arent patriotic- theyre a personal choice. Leaning radically left isnt going to win votes when their entire campaign is “im not trump.” Patriots vote for liberty not conformism and communism- lets get back to real patriotism please! I have heard this and that about wearing the mask. My experience and opinion which really no one will probably like. My daughter and I have faithfully been wearing a mask since February. We choose to because we take care of my terminally ill mom and I have 4 different immune disorders. From February to June it didn’t bother us but since we have gotten into July and the outside temperature has been feeling like 95 and up, the mask has caused us a lot of breathing issues. We are both overweight due to health issues and trying to do the right thing. Well, one day it put my daughter in the ER for it caused her to have a seizure not being able to get enough fresh air in her. The next day went shopping for my mom I almost passed out in the store, I couldn’t breathe my heart was pounding so hard, my legs felt like jello, my arms hurt I thought I was having a heart attack. I tore off that mask and sat on the floor (not one soul asked if I was okay) people just stared at me fanning myself. I have mixed emotions about these masks. I don’t really see how they do anyone good if it is an airborne disease. To be truly safe from it I would have to wear that mask 24/7 and that’s not happening. Also, they say no more than 10, and I think it’s 50 people in a place/gathering but, I guarantee you go to a store and there are always more people in that store that’s supposed to be in there and some don’t wear their mask once in the store. So I have mixed emotions on this matter.

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