I wear this shirt periodically but only when I’m in my element shirt, tank top, hoodie

I wear this shirt periodically but only when I'm in my element V-neck

Buy it now: I wear this shirt periodically but only when I’m in my element shirt, tank top, hoodie

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As I have said before, this obviously hurts the feelings of those of you who have Greek students. But they have made choices that are now affecting the whole campus. Not all of them, but some. And now an entire university is paying for it. If UNC is smart they will sanction the ones who gad the parties. UNCW is asking apartment complexes to reopfy violators so they can deal with them before it turns into the fiasco UNC has. There are ways to control this. UNC just chose not to. What did they expect? The DTH nailed it. Waiting for the rest of the UNC system to follow suit. We moved our son into campus housing at State on August 2 with very strong feelings that he’d be back home by Labor Day. Wagers anyone? will they be prorating your money for the dorm? Don’t you think it is a little shady that they opened the dorms and took the money knowing they were likely going to have to shut it down? I kept on reading the comments and saw that! Still doesn’t help the parents who spent a grand at Target and took their vacation time to move their kids into a place that knew they were going to shut down….but it’s a start! As a spouse and mother of people in the private college systems, I am worried also. Not sure how this is going to play out for them. A lot of smaller colleges and universities are barely hanging on, closing could be devastating. I teach at NCSU and on campus right now. I can tell you they are not getting it from coming to class. We have more safety measures than your know. It’s sad that kids who legitimately are wanting to learn and do the right thing are being punished for a few.

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