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That is me 72 and have diabetes plus hyperthroid and high blood pressure and several autoimmune diseases and I STILL WORK not like some others I know with a little pain in their foot and stay home and collect. I am debating IF they call us back to work to go or not with all these conditions. Gov. Lamont says anyone over 65 on unemployment to stay home do not go back to work and the boss can NOT fire you. But whose to say he can’t say well you’re sales are low and fire you for that. Makes me so nervous. I have a mentally ill son and prob will need to stay home with him bec he is worse than ever and won’t take his meds on time. Prob not at all IF I didn’t get after him to take it and sometimes he refuses so he really can’t be left at home alone. Now I know there are programs for people to stay with their senior parents if needed and get paid but are there any programs to get paid IF you need to stay with your mentallly ill adult child who is on disability?

Social security is all some people have to live on which puts a lot of our seniors under the poverty level. Instead of elected officials voting themselves huge raises there pay should be capped. Social security should be based on need – if you have some huge pension then you get less then someone who has none. You just can not live on 1000 a month before they take out over 100 for Medicare. Instead of giving everything to illegals who deserve nothing but deported give that money to our deserving seniors and veterans . My son has juvenile diabetes and is struggling to buy his insulin because of the cost increase lately he takes two different kinds up to 10 times a day and his cost have quadrupled he can barely pay rent and food please help everyone with juvenile diabetes get help with their insulin costs so they can pay their bills and survive. It is so unfair that children get this and have to you use insulin your whole life. Please help.

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