I work hard so that my cat can have a better life face mask

I work hard so that my cat can have a better life face mask

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I had a serious issue with Zimmerman getting off Scott free because he never should have pursued that young man. Doesn’t matter what Martin might have been up to. Zimmerman never should have followed him in the first place. When you take concealed carry classes they tell you that when you carry a firearm, you have a responsibility to NOT escalate a situation. Firearm should be last resort. I live in Orlando. You are wrong. Exactly like Trayvon Martin. He was walking and talking on his phone when he noticed a pickup truck following him. He tried to get away from the truck when the driver jumped out and followed him on foot. The reason these men haven’t been arrested is because Ahmaud (victim) “attacked” them because he was defending himself while they were shooting him. The horrible Sheriff is using the Stand Your Ground defense as the reasoning. Edward Gunde Martin attack??the man was following him with a gun!! The teen feared for his life..Just like this man they went get guns and followed this man..this exactly like martin. to be honest we don’t know WHO attacked first. Only Zimmerman is alive to tell his side. But it doesn’t matter because he never should have followed Martin. If he thought Martin was up to something he should have called it in to 911 and then gone about his business. Even the 911 operator told him NOT to follow Martin. Cheri Danzy I think their comment was meant to be criticism of racism and a statement in support of the fact the young man did nothing wrong. I dont think they literally meant they don’t have the right. Cheri Danzy I think what he’s saying is that from the minds of these bigots, who make excuses for the murderers at every turn, there is no “right” way for them to act for them to avoid this treatment. I think it’s intended to be an indictment on our racist society rather than actually saying “black people dont have rights”. But maybe I am misunderstanding him as well, maybe OP can clarify.

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