If your parents accepting of your identity I’m your mom now Bear LGBT shirt, hoodie, tank top

If your parents accepting of your identity I'm your mom now Bear LGBT hoodie

Buy it now:  If your parents accepting of your identity I’m your mom now Bear LGBT shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I am so excited! Thankfully I don’t know any hoarders…I think. But if I discover that I do, I’ll direct them to this show! The only 2 people I know with hoards, it would probably only take a day to clear the house & sort. Not that big. They both have them in spare bedrooms! The rest of the house isn’t bad at all. This was stuff that had not been touched in 20-25 years.This was my basement and Hoarders gave me the motivation to tackle it. We got rid of about 5 tons of stuff. Such a good feeling. Some before and after pictures. Now I have a storage unit to tackle that I’ve had for 15 years. Cory Chalmers – have you and the rest of the Hoarders folks considered going on the road? I’d pay to see a few of you come to an auditorium near me to view an episode of Hoarders and hear each of your experiences about the episode and being on the show in general!

Can I send you photos of my daughter’s bedroom and see if she qualifies? you and your sister TOTALLY need to submit that house and property!! That would be so awesome!! I’ve seen an episode filmed in Alaska, so it wouldn’t be that far off to dream! I’m not quite there, but in six months by the time you’re ready to go into production, I’ll be good to go! I’m gonna fill up my house with stuff right now! Lol…Just kidding! Can’t wait to see the new season! Love the show, love what you do. My sister was a hoarder, unfortunatley I didnt see her house until after she passed away. Thank you for helping people. You make a huge difference. Every time I watch an episode of Hoarders, I get the urge to clean. It’s all good. Watching this show made it much easier to clean out my junk room in my basement and turn it into my craft room.

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