I’ll be waiting at the door dog poem Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I'll be waiting at the door dog poem Gallery Wrapped Canvas4

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I wish that students in middle school could see the purpose in learning through a project curriculum. Then in high school they could choose their track – college prep or technical school, so that they would graduate with a decent SAT or a job in the technical field. I have given up on public for my children for very different reasons and I am nodding my head so hard at my screen as I read your struggle. Our oldest has special needs.. we had no other real option until high school. While we did have some exceptional teachers throughout his k-8 life , the overwhelming reason to leave was lack of support from the upper up that of course trickled down. We’ve all been there. Now with our babe, 7th grade gorgie girl, the struggle of public is real. I’m not so naive as to think that issues won’t arise in the private we plan to attend but as of our 3rd year there, with her brother, I have yet to hear about a hall known for an opportunity to get a bj or hear of students on house arrest. Just yesterday she marched down to the office to support a friend as they told their counselor of another students drug use. SEVENTH GRADE. She has asked us to send her private for high school and i will work 3 jobs to make sure I can do it. There is no easy fix. We love our community. She’s usually one of 2 or 3 white kids in her classes and cringes at my stories of being segregated growing up. She doesn’t see it as a race issue although I have noticed a few teachers that absolutely treat the kiddos of color differently ( rant for a different post) I simply can’t risk these years in a pile of tired teachers and admin that can’t get it under control.

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