I’m A Dogaholic Face Mask

I’m A Dogaholic Face Mask

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You’ve always been the best of the industry, which is why we love you and your entire business. We had to cancel our trip, that was scheduled for April, due to the Iran/US tensions at the borders in January…it looks like we would have had to cancel anyway. We are sad not to be travelling to Europe this year, but look forward to hopefully returning next spring. Your office people are so wonderful, as are your policies which will allow us to use our deposit until the end of 2022. Thank-you and stay safe and healthy! Thank you for your transparency and honest evaluation- this is a once in a lifetime situation….we need calm and kindness and heaping amount of compassion…be safe out there, keep on travellin’ soon… A smart decision. I feel for the travel industry and the businesses that rely on it. I’m in the state of Washington and it’s been rough here too. Businesses in Seattle are already having to close. Clare Poncin – Yes, Thanks I’m well informed. I have family there. They are NOT on lockdown. The trains and metro are running. The only things closed are the museums, the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. I’m quite informed. Thanks. Besides, if you bothered to read my post, I said I was waiting until the beginning of April to make a better informed decision. My RS Sicily tour was canceled, and it was absolutely the right thing to do! I am terribly disappointed, but that is small change compared to what Italy is experiencing and to what is on the horizon for us at home in the US. Stay well everyone! I have a trip to England and France in July that I’m worried about. I rescued your 2011 England book from a Goodwill today for a little light reading while schools in Virginia are closed. I have my fingers crossed.

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