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I would not be happy with that puppy. Sometimes they are just born with attitudes. I had a retriever like that & she was the runt and snapped & growled at my kids from 8 weeks old until she was one year old & I found her another home with no kids. Laughing out loud, that is how it is with kids too. Crossed eyes, tongues out, devil horns. Hope you had a happy prom and he is adorable. Reading all these negative comments reinforces in my mind how we often comment without really knowing stuff. Puppy phases during teething and development include this nippy, silly, energetic play. It’s usually 3-4 months of age and adopters train them using chew toys and yelping ouch to teach them not to play so rough. It’s normal and some are worse or calmer than others but it doesn’t reflect aggression or future aggression. Was he in an unfamiliar place? Around unfamiliar people? Other dogs he didn’t know? Did he not know the woman grabbing him? It looks awful.

That pic of my golden, he was 100% playing. I stick my hand out and mess with his mouth while he’s doing that and he never clamps down. He couldn’t hurt a fly! For people saying some of these dogs look vicious or mean, some dogs are just mouthy and use their mouths to get attention. It does not mean they are angry or mean. People know their animals and I doubt they would put their children in harms way on purpose. Granted any animal can snap but these are not those pictures .