I’m blunt because god rolled me that way shirt, tank top, hoodie

I'm blunt because god rolled me that way Hoodie

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I think the fact that he is reforming social programs, more working, less handouts that’s racism, but yet all those that handout and take don’t see that as the only possible form of existing systemic oppression! So I don’t see racism I see getting rid of systemic oppression people choose to stay in by voting for those who would continue to support them at everyone else’s cost! Have you listened to him at his rallys,esp before the virus, so racists, making fun of the handicapped, that right there did it for me, and he wonders why nobody likes him, he acts like a insecure, immature human being in my book! Do me and everyone a favor. Turn off faux news and do some actual research. You will see that he is a racist and see what kind of a horrible person he really is. Go all the way back to his childhood. Multi billionaire reality TV star and Real Estate Mogul now became President…. His reaction to being heckled, bahahaha you troll.. As if he gave not 1 but 2 craps.. . Be careful letting people know your a Democrat I was told I was stupid by someone who I thought was a good friend but when he found out that I was a Democrat I am stupid just saying be careful. Have you looked at your financial statements? They have never looked better. Do you need medications, he just got us epi-pens and insulin at a price we can all afford. And he’s working on more. For all he has done for his people he’s earned respect and all you people do is just keep dogging him. Don’t you think you’re be cranky too? Good for her. Trump deserves absolutely no respect. Biden 2020 in a landslide victory. There is no doubt.

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