I don’t care what day it is It’s early I’m grumpy I want Dr Pepper shirt, hoodie, tank top

I don't care what day it is It's early I'm grumpy I want Dr Pepper hoodie

Buy it now: I don’t care what day it is It’s early I’m grumpy I want Dr Pepper shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Michelle Florence Pettigrew – YOU give it a rest. The question was not addressed to you in the first place. So you interpret slang, I interpret dictionary definition. Like I said, only Bev knows what she meant. The only baiting being done here is attacking me for asking a question and trying to get me to get mad and say something ugly that you can be even more hostile toward, but I will not take your bait. I wasn’t mad to begin with… when you say dogs wasn’t harmed you are obviously going on a physical mentality, I think if you understand the mechanics of a dogs brain, then you might think different. Just goes to show how some humans are very indinial of another specie. I hope you don’t own dogs. Quite sad tbh. y’all are rlly getting mad over something so small. Unless you can give me a good logical reason that it is cruel for the pets, I dont wanna hear it. plastic wrap by nature sticks. If your pet runs through it, there’s a possibility of the plastic wrap to wrap around your pets nose and mouth and essentially choking it to death. This is also why you don’t leave plastic bags around little kids. I’m answering Bev Knowles Embree question. I never said people were actively wrapping their dogs in plastic.
I’m saying it’s possible, and that possibility to get dogs wrapped up in the plastic is why it’s dangerous. If people want to do it cause it’s funny that’s their choice and their pet their doing it to. yeah whatever, yall freak out over the slightest things. I’d get it if it was harming the pets but in these videos, or the pets were actually showing stress, but there is no harm and the plastic is thin, its a harmless joke.

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