I’m not misbehaving I have autism please be understanding face mask

I'm not misbehaving I have autism please be understanding face mask

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How many times and in how many ways am I required to say that some police will enforce and some won’t. Too many laws are why police are a nuisance. Police don’t make the laws, politicians do. Rhoda Hall You are too busy repeating the refutation to some other point, to read the one that’s being made to you now. Police are not a nuisance; they are a threat. Much of what they do is in accordance with law, but there is also much that they do that is in flagrant defiance of it, and much on which the law is silent, and it really doesn’t matter which is which. Getting rid of the legislators would just move all of their abuses into the latter category, but it doesn’t matter. Laws do not matter. Cops’ actions do matter. Bill Myers, no peace when law enforcement disturbes it and violates constitutional rights. And cop unions have been very successful at making sure their members have less and less accountability. Bill Myers, that’s a fine attitude… when laws are just. Once the laws expand beyond simple rules that keep the peace, this attitude you hold enables tyranny and empowers dictators. Remember, the SS, and then the Stazi were merely enforcing law. by in large, that is urban myth. If some police step over Constitutional boundaries, they are, in the vast majority of cases, held accountable and that is just fine. What Matthew Najmon is suggesting is pure anarchy and would bring an end to civilization. The problem is that there are too many laws. With so many laws, almost everyone is guilty of breaking one. There should only be one law and it should be a criminal law that says, “If you harm another person or take/damage stuff that belongs to another person, then you must pay full restitution to that person or that person’s family or closest friend. If there has been no harm to another person then there was no crime.”

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