Diabetes I’m So Sweet I Need Insulin shirt, tank top, hoodie

Diabetes I'm So Sweet I Need Insulin Hoodie

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So why not just say we’re closing bars because who gets to go cups at a bar and is that even legal. no it’s not legal to take alcohol in an open container outside the establishment. They are just banning the alchohol so they dont have to close the establishments again. Just let everything be open, people can still be cautious,etc., but let this virus “run it’s course” and be done ! Sounds like my work place. Covid is rampit right now.Half the people are tested and half wont test.Now there is a Beautiful lady in the hospital fighting for her life on a Ventilator. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS.The boss said after we get tested it is MANDATORY that we return to work….No waiting on results. What about restaraunts it is not just bars anywhere inside that u can’t keep mask on my banker got it from going to dinner so don’t believe it’s only bars.

Uhhhhello? Think any of this increase is the result of the protests? Inordinate number of new cases are folk under 40. Almost all the protesters were folk under 40 …. and, I know the leftie mantra: “if the facts don’t support your argument, make up some new facts.” I am a senior citizen and I feel that I am lumped in with all “sick” seniors. I am a teacher of special needs high school kids. I rarely get sick and have a very good immune system even though I work around “sick” kids. I do not like being told that I need to stay inside – really tics me off! I have been shopping in 3 different grocery stores since this mess started. And taking my husband to the cancer center (2hrs away) and we are just fine. Took all the pre cations Dr.s are very happy with my husbands health – he is doing well has had this cancer for over 7 yrs and was caught early and is on maintenance and his prognosis is good – will probably live another 20 yrs We do not stay inside or stay home. It would kill us to do so.

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