Native American It’s All Indian Land shirt, hoodie, tank top

Native American It's All Indian Land hoodie

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Careful, some of those that got sick wore a mask, washed, sanitized and still got sick. If they came in direct contact, simple masks failed them in most cases. Please be cautious and spread kindness. Your community is where mine was in May. I’m a teacher in Iowa, though, so I might end up being one of the infected people in the community come late next month. We have to do school in person unless the governor grants permission for schools to close. As it happens I’ve been watching real estate in Edenton (I’m thinking of moving there) and in the last couple of weeks there have been a ton of sales (luckily not the 2 old ones near the water I’m interested in!). However it made me wonder if you were suddenly seeing an influx of folks moving to town. If that’s the case I wonder if they brought Covid with them. Curious to hear what folks think is an “acceptable” infection / and /or fatality rate in order to ensure our children are able to return to schools and businesses can reopen. I see people just get blasted for trying to put the rates in perspective, but the reality is we have only eradicated 1 disease as a human race. And even vaccines for the flu have limited effectiveness. COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, and even with a vaccine, chances are it could simply mutate. Is the posture if even one life can be saved/ one case prevented we stay shutdown? We don’t respond to any other disease/ large causes of death this way. I doubt there is a consensus. For me, it is when (1) there is enough data to know enough about treating the disease where the morbidity and mortality rate is closer to that of the flu and (2) we are certain we will have sufficient resources to treat a large spike of sick people. We haven’t met either metric yet. I’m sick of being told that my death would be understandable because I have rheumatoid arthritis. I’m 34 yrs old, a mom and a wife. I’m not just an “underlying medical condition”.

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