Iowa Hawkeyes face mask

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The conspiracy theory unfortunately for Republicans has no path to being true, doctors would lose their medical credentials for lying on a death certificate. Licenses that cost them 10+ years of hard work and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Licenses that net them $300k a year and we are supposed to believe they would throw it all away to lie about COVID19? Not any more possible than Joni Ernst foregoing the bribes she gets from lobbyists.

  • The same fools who think a pizza parlor with no basement was the scene of child rituals in the basement believe the numbers are false. Sad part is that their leader will convince these morons that thousands of Coroners and 50 states have been all manipulating data to make Trump look bad as if a grand conspiracy can take place
  • Oh honey, you should go back to your prior job castrating hogs. You are way out of your league in DC. You’ve learned to lie just like all the Republicans there. Sold your soul to the devil. Well, you learned from the best. Republican lying seems to be taught in grade school these days. Shame on you. You are losing in Iowa. Thank the Lord.
  •  Yeah, its only a couple of hundred due to Covid. The rest are because hospitals make money for treating true Corona deaths. What a bunch of shit! Maybe God will one day put her and folks like this in personal contact with the truth.

I used to believe most GOP representatives were manipulative and cynically using tropes and misinformation, now I find it more frightening to find how many of them actually believe the conspiracies and lies they promote.

Believing in these conspiracy theories is bad enough, spreading them is criminal!!! In the midst of this terrible virus that has killed over 180,000 people this type of misinformation will lead to people choosing risky behaviors that will increase the number of people infected and who lose their lives!!!

It is pretty scary that this veteran of 20 years military experience could continue to tout lies for the Commander -in Chief. Is this who Iowans want to trust with their safety? Ernst is a lock- stepper who doesn’t speak truth to power.

Iowa Hawkeyes face mask

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