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Sir, Thank you for staying strong despite the attacks. I must confess you’re a very strong individual. You have the resilience of a young agile man. Even though you get bullied from all directions, you’re not shaken but you stay on course to fulfill the great destiny the Almighty God has placed in your hands. I pray you succeed Sir for your success is not only for America but for the world at large. Cnn condemned people who were protesting for their freedoms because of social distancing, I don’t hear any one talking about it any more. It’s like corona virus has been switched off by cnn. They must explain why they switched it on in the first place. It’s sad the beast has deceived the faithful like yourself. I pray for you and all of the God loving people that you will come back to Gods love and deny the beast. God is for peace, love, kindness and forgiveness. The rest is not with God. why are you worried about someone laughing? Don’t matter a whit. Ignore them, and they’ll go away. We are concerned about OUR COUNTRY right now. USA comes first, to hell with the rest of the world. They don’t mean anything to us anymore. Isn’t it funny, everytime the DemoCommies start getting exposed, there is a new crisis? Biden-Ukraine, Impeachment, fake whistleblower. That didn’t work Biden-Ukraine Covid. FBI malfeasance, George Floyd. Have to keep it going, they are getting close to exposing the New World Order plans to destroy USA. You sound like you have very limited knowledge on the Bible. God is a God of Love but also a God of Law and Order. Read the Bible with an open mind, don’t cheripick.

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