It’s a good day to wear a mask shirt, tank top, hoodie

It's a good day to wear a mask V-neck

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Pamela Fry the democrat party only cares about getting rid of Trump and giving money to illegal immigrants and having open boarders. They are going to destroy America. I was always to to respect someone but if the disrespect you then their never going to change when you all disrespect him you have open the door for a return of the same William Tracy Jr. There’s nothing wrong with peaceful protesters. Maybe trump should stop sending in the looters and rioters made to look like the protesters are doing it. The only ones trying who are trying to destroy this country are the Republicans. William Tracy Jr. Show me the proof it was the peaceful protesters. You can’t and you know it. This is exactly how trump works. He is a vengeful and hateful person. Shows a lot about your character for supporting him. And I said all that without calling you any names! Just remember when you fill your gas tank, to go to work,or your 401 because if it was democrat president you probably would not have any any of this. however he did put his son in a position to steal millions of dollars, our tax dollars, In Ukraine and his son funneled it all back to his father! His son had no special training or reason to be there but daddy took care of him and they stole millions of our tax payer money. I dont want someone like that for president. no worse than what Trump has called people!! If you going to bring up about one than bring up the lying, name calling, belittling your beloved trump has done.

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