It’s dangerous to go alone Take this face mask

It's dangerous to go alone Take this face mask 4

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So Obama didn’t have photo oops every time he did anything. Come on you can’t have it both ways. Jeez at least Trump is actually doing what he said he would do. The facts are there to review if anyone takes the time to actually research it. But I guess it is easier to just listen to main stream media and blindly believe I read your comment and your comment was wonderful, but we’re not friend on Facebook, only the Patriot Review, I sent you a request but it didn’t go through, please send me a request let’s be friends if you don’t mind, thank you. Here’s a fun game you can all play while hopefully locked up in your houses. Try to count all the instances of utter stupidity, all the lies and misleading comments. It should only take you 7 minutes and 12 seconds. Compare to what Michelle Obama’s lunch menu. WH garden. They’re 2 different Women. With 2 different ways to make a difference in this country. To compare the 2 is absolutely ridiculous. They both did their part doing their part. That’s all I have to say. What have you done? DeAun Tait I see you’re doing just like Don the Con. Liar. She can barely speak English, for goodness sake. Justine Trudeau said her French was like a high school student in French class for the first time. So what proof do you have old girl for her being able to speak more than one language.. Looks like you can barely handle English too… Looks like you barely have a high school education youself,IDIOT… Wonderful First Lady! I pray in her time as First Lady including the next 4 years that all those people who prey on children will be uncovered and brought to justice! God bless the children of the world!

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