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Jack Skellington 3D face mask

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I don’t have to agree and I can be respectful in disagreeing (though sometimes I may use sarcasm, it is not a reflection of anyone else, but of my smart a$$). I love authenticity. And sometimes different viewpoints gets us to think in other ways. I’m glad I don’t stay in an echo chamber. 💜 Exactly my feeling! Differences of opinion and different ideas for solutions to problems are essential. The idea is to help find common ground that can work for everyone. I hate how divided this country is and that people are defined by their political or religious affiliations. If you state an opinion these days there are people just waiting to viciously attack from their keyboards. I think it has a lot to do with social media because most of these keyboard warriors would never say their crap to someone’s face. Trump and DeVos equals squat for education and disdain for teachers and students and most assuredly, EC population. Unbelievable. I threw up in my mouth reading that truth. Doesn’t balance out not voting for Knuckle dragger Forest. I live in South Texas, San Antonio specifically. I live in one of the wealthiest districts in town and actually made a move two miles down the road and wrote a more than 100K check for a smaller house, to get her into the right school cluster, with the right people, so she would get the services she needs. Our education system suck for kids with different needs. A 500 million dollar grant is about to come due. Only 2.5 million of that was allocated for SPED, and that was to renovate bathrooms. None of that has been done, but damn it! We have astroturf (the super expensive kind) on every one of the ten high school practice football fields! My daughter has never been invited to participate in Special Olympics. Only the ALE kids get to do that.
They have thrown her a bone the last two years and she has been on Homecoming Court. She loved it, but momma could have gotten off easier by lighting $500 on fire. Two dresses, makeup, hair, dinner date, tickets, etc.

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