Jackie Daytona vintage shirt, hoodie, tank top

Jackie Daytona vintage hoodie

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Back in my day we were only allowed to call home twice a year from a land line. We drank water out of a dirty puddle, ate nothing but boiled leather and grass clippings, and had to fashion our own ties from tree bark. And that was all when we didn’t have eighteen feet of snow to trudge through barefoot between appointments. That was with my district the day I went home in May of 2017. I served in Turkey. Over in Turkey, we don’t want to stand out as missionaries. Our two main rules were 1) They ask first and 2) don’t draw attention. Missionaries and even the word “missionary” have very negative connotations and feelings associated with them in the culture of Turkey. So, we didn’t wear name tags, we could “dress down” as we called it, we didn’t ever use the “m” word (missionary), didn’t openly proselyte, etc. It’s amazing to see some members doubting and questioning God’s revelations. Have a bit of faith in our church Leaders, they are men of God. If you don’t understand it maybe try Pray about it with faith. on my mission we were always mistaken for INS or “La Migra” and folks would shut their doors and not open. A non white shirt and no tie might’ve helped us seem more approachable. Can’t say anything about American missionaries, but in the Europe East region of the church missionaries have been doing this for years. No, missionaries have been doing it for years in some areas. My home town in Northern CA for example, they were told to wear short sleeve and tie, no suit Jackets. They could wear suit jackets to church and baptisms. Our town just wasn’t that fancy. They literally thought they were the FBI.

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