Jedi Master Yoda face mask

Jedi Master Yoda face mask

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Your Dad is a patriot and I honor his service. My uncles fought in the Vietnam war against the Communists. They are now in heaven. About 55K American and 1M Vietnamese soldiers lost their lives. There are hundreds and thousands of Vietnamese who became US citizens and most if not all are voting to defend the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment (can’t speak for the Viet second generation brainwashed by the education system). Your dad left a proud legacy. Your uncles were very brave men and it was a tragedy what happened in Vietnam, a beautiful country ripped apart by the Communist regime. Bless you my dear! God bless your father. Lee Marvin who served in the Marines in the Pacific had his own father do the same. His father was an officer in WW1 but went in as an enlisted man in WW II to protect the younger men who did not know war. Lee Marvin based his role in the Big Red One on his father, who truly was a father to his men. Your father was the last remnant of the Greatest Generation. God bless your Dad. Although I would correct the nomenclature you used, ‘The Greatest Generation’ That has been designated to be WWII Vets. Our Vietnam Vets were BRAVE AND HEROIC AND FIGHTERS AND EVERYTHING A SOLDIER COULD BE….(I myself am a Vietnam ERA Veteran. Women’s Army Corp.) So I knew MANY VN VETS. But probably your Grand dads were the Greatest Generation, and your Dad’s generation, also a great generation of soldiers. The world needs people like them desperately these days. Guess it’s our job to do what they taught us was right. Yes, we were very fortunate to have had solid fathers.

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