Jesus is my Superhero That’s How I Saved The World shirt, hoodie, tank top

Jesus is my Superhero That's How I Saved The World hoodie

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Welcome, I went through my awakening about a year ago. I went through a grieving process, but once I got through my grieving process things got a little easier. Trump is stirring the pot in DC which has been a gravy train for those who live there. And those people don’t know how to function in the real.world not to mention many have gotten ahead by corruption. They are scared and using others as human shields. Julie, thank you for giving President Trump a chance. That’s what we all did and all the presidents before us. We voted them out when we realize they weren’t doing a good job. With this president they didn’t want to believe he was in 3 1/2 years ago. They have made his life a living hell and yet he wakes up every day and fights for us the American people.
You must have had some doubts otherwise your eyes and ears wouldn’t have been opened. I’m just glad you did we need as many people like you to vote Republican in the next election.
As President Trump would say let’s go and make America great again. Thank you for allowing your eyes to be opened and for speaking up! Lots of us who have ‘seen’ all along need this encouragement during this crazy time. Julie, we are glad you are here. When you have that moment, everything just clicks. So happy for you and I am glad that you are another person that can be counted on to speed the Trump Train down the tracks in November ! “I’m pissed these people don’t give a crap about human beings, and have gotten away with it for decades. It’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one that’s been woken up, and I pray that many more wake up and see what the left is doing to our great country.” THIS I completely agree. It is heartbreaking to watch people use their position for power and control to incite fear, encourage division and to destroy the people they claim to represent! To care more about power than the people they were elected to serve is evil. I just can’t get past it. Power & politics over people again and again. Thank you for sharing these powerful words. I am so happy to be walking with you!


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