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Tracking confirmed cases seems like the wring thing to track. The more testing that is done the more cases will be discovered. Test more… more cases. Stop testing… no new cases. Hospitalizations and deaths indicate the seriousness it seems to me. I feel like Im missing something. My concern which I’m seeing first hand is the increase in hospital admissions for overdoses for drugs and alcohol, suicide attempts by swallowing unusual objects, GI and acute liver failure from drinking when the person hardly ever drinks, people who have been clean for a year or two and have gone back to drugs because of this virus. The more we keep things closed and people aren’t working, more of this will increase and we already had an opioid crisis. Now we are just throwing gasoline on the fire. This is doing more damage to people’s mental health and long term effects on their bodies than the virus. Why you want to pick on the Governor’s hair when yours has been, as you say, full of lice? Maybe he is like me, looking good for about 5 min a day with a brush full of gray covering powder and some of that stinky Aussie stay forever hairspray that’s been in the closet for 10years. Please speak to family and education not mess that doesn’t matter and just incites. Most are not as lucky as you to have a home and a beach home respite. gotcha and thanks for that! Everybody is picking on him about his hair. guess its easy to beat up somebody else when times are tough. I haven’t always been a fan of his but wholly admire his leadership in these hard times! rock on lice lady and here’s a Pinnacle cheers to you!

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