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Nicholas Fairclough I’m half French. Like New York or DC etc. Paris is a fast paced town. It’s like any other metropolis…in that sense. People don’t go to NYC or DC or LA for the friendly people. My french relatives don’t even care to go to Paris because of this. Note they, also, don’t care for other big cities. It’s the same, everywhere. I understand French so I have a different perspective. I felt this maybe 50 years ago. The French have become more conservative, and still are very concerned how their culture is being attacked. We certainly have much more in common with the French people today. we’ve never experienced this after three trips. My husband is Middle Eastern and was mistaken as French so maybe that had something to do with it. On our last visit my husband became really sick and my young daughters and I roamed the city on our own for days. I too have to Paris twice and both times the Parisian people were wonderful and friendly. When in another country don’t act like you’re still in the USA. GO WITH THEIR TRADITIONS. I guess because I grew up in Philadelphia, moved to DC and now live right outside DC- I have always felt people in all those cities are mostly nice. Maybe I have a different idea of friendly? I was sneered at by the man at the airport that stamped my passport when I was there a few years ago. I also saw a person parking their car and he just rammed his car into another one to push it back so his car would fit! I’ve lived in NYC for almost 20 years and agree that people in big cities are less inclined to be overly friendly to tourists. They tend to walk too slowly and block the sidewalk when we’re just trying to get to work.  All joking aside, Americans in general are used to smiling at strangers, chatting with people in shops, etc. whereas people in some parts of Europe are not that way. It’s not necessarily rudeness, they’re just more reserved than we’re used to.