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Amy Alexander, exactly! I often invited parents of children who disrupted my classes to come and shadow their child for the day. It usually brought about a positive result. Unfortunately, many parents were not willing or could not take off from work to come in to the school. I hear you. I found that the mission work our church youth group did over all school breaks (in West Virginia and Eastern North Carolina) gave my daughters great positive learning experiences with others that “didn’t look like them”. This helped offset what they were experiencing in the Charlotte school system daily. I will say that the disruption in the classrooms was a great push to make my girls get into AP classes. I never had to push them to do it. Anita Suggs, agree. As a mom and teacher! My son is in 8th grade this year. Each year it has gotten progressively better as he has placed into more advanced classes. Now that he is taking two high school courses, he is finally surrounded by kids who like learning as much as he does. Next year, I am hoping he will be in the IB or Early College Programs. Then, he will have virtually no contact with students who aren’t at school for the sole purpose of learning.

I think it is also important to see people who don’t look like you in a setting where perhaps they are doing “better” than you or at least as well and not just where you are the one helping them. It changes your perspective of others when your AP classmate, valedictorian, or class president is different than you.

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