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Kanye West Never Heard Of Her shirt

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Kali Peacelove No, it means as president, Trump is also over the IRS and if he looks for petty retribution on anyone who opposes him, he can’t be trusted with the IRS or other levers of power. THEN tell the world what it is those folks HAVE TO HIDE, Mr. Trump! Isn’t it time for FULL DISCLOSURE???? If they aint for you, they are against you and against AMERICA! YOU have to beat them at their OWN “GAMES”. What a load of horsedung! Marlene Ricketts, she and her husband, billionaire T.D. Ameritrade founder J. Joe Ricketts…dedicated to destroying Trump’s candidacy…an effort to sink Donald Trump. Various online sources. Marie Dorling Mr. Trump never draws first blood. But he will attack back. Look at Jeb… he never attacked Jeb.. until Jeb starting in. Killary… never got attacked by Mr. Trump until they threw Melania’s passed up…. What is it you don’t see happening? People like them with a lot to hide are the ones that have the ‘bought and paid for” politicians in their pockets. Trump all the way. Marie Dorling, he is just trying to get the crooks out of our White House. Marie Dorling You aren’t very bright – the Rickett’s are ON THE OFFENSE and TRUMP is ON THE DEFENSE, which is his right! Trump didn’t threaten, he just spoke the truth of “you come against me, be sure you have your own backyard sparkly clean!  TD Ameritrade is a organized crime ring, you do know they sell all your info and keep data on all your trades and use all that data for the big funds to trade against you and basically steal your money, they all do it..it’s organized crime at its finest. Isn’t it completely disgusting these people spending millions on tv ads. For what!?? All of that money could help homeless veterans and about 1000 other local causes. Micah Patrick EXACTLY my thoughts! Why don’t ya’ll (the Ricketts) go help somebody instead of attacking someone – it’s not going to go very well for you anyway, so STOP and take a step back and open up a Homeless Shelter, donate to a Children’s Hospital, do something productive!

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