Karl Marx Get in loser we’re seizing the means of production vintage shirt, hoodie, tank top

Karl Marx Get in loser we're seizing the means of production vintage hoodie

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You have to understand that he is doing exactly what we have ask him to do. We control the president. He doesn’t control us. He is our servant and he works for free. He is doing just what we, the people who elected him want him to do. I’m sorry if your side has no one competent enough to be president. That’s why our side won and the people will elect him again. You truly dont understand how our government works if you think Trump has done all this by himself. Lorraine Almond the owner of the store, a Somali, had no need to call the police, his life wasn’t in danger, and if you listen to the 911 call the owner didn’t even know if the person who gave them the fake bill was a man or a woman, black or white it is almost he was being dictated from VIP…the white policeman killed Floyd and should be arrested but so the Somali owner who started it all. I am grateful for a president that cares so much, with his whole heart. I have no doubt of his sincerity. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to have to live with constant hate and criticism from so many who are not remotely in possession of the facts..They just spout hate constantly. Ask yourself, how would you feel if people treated YOU that way? You think the Black family of a Black man murdered by a white cop will support donald trump calling in the military to hurt,harm and kill the very people who are protesting that Black man’s murder. what is wrong with you people? problem is that you can’t just label something far right or left even if Wikipedia tells you otherwise. Again, if you actually knew what fascism is then you’d know that the far left and antifa right now are showing it to you. If you actually read stories about what happened in those regimes and then listen to these people you’d know the truth. Trump has done nothing at all to even be considered close to fascism, being a dictator or any type of nazi propaganda that you little uneducated kids like to try and say. But hey, stay ignorant, it’s what the democrats want from you.

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