Kyle Larson Just Passing You Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Kyle Larson Just Passing You Shirt, hoodie, tank top

“I think about sitting on a barstool with a pitcher of beer next to Gerry and talking about everything from the worst movie ever made, ‘Hot Rods to Hell,’ to discussing Joyce,” said retired Cal State Fullerton professor David Cherin, Tricia’s husband and Locklin’s former student and close friend.

Out of the Long Beach scene grew a movement Webb championed known as Stand Up Poetry, which helped popularize performance poetry in the 1990s and has influenced West Coast writing since. Inspired by an essay Locklin co-wrote about Field and their kind of poem, Stand Up placed a premium on clarity, honesty, humor and performability.

In the classroom, the literary spirit was epitomized by Locklin’s casual, “what’s happening?” approach. “The idea was to engage the students without any kind of pedagogical trickery,” Klink said. “It was, ‘I’m here, I’m interested.'”

And “he knew literature upside-down,” said Rafael “Ray” Zepeda, his ex-student, longtime colleague and frequent coauthor.

Tricia Cherin, a Cal State Dominguez Hills English professor emeritus, was an undeclared major when she first encountered Locklin’s banter and guided tour of literature. “It was so wonderful, I walked down the hill and declared myself an English major,” she said.

Before Dave Alvin co-founded the legendary L.A. Rock band the Blasters and became an admired songwriter and guitarist, he’d considered himself “a dumbbell student.” But from his first American lit class with Locklin, he said, “I could feel the little gray cells kicking in, you know? It was like, ‘Hello! I can think!'”

Alvin explained: “Gerald Locklin was one of the few teachers in my life that took me seriously. … He really loved bringing things out of his students that maybe his students didn’t know were in them. Because of that, I felt like I didn’t want to disappoint him.”

Meanwhile, Locklin’s reputation as a poet had grown with the “mimeo revolution” of little magazines and small presses. Along with Bukowski and Ron Koertge, Locklin’s friend from his Arizona postgrad days, Locklin attracted a devoted readership in the Wormwood Review, one of the biggest of the little magazines.


Kyle Larson Just Passing You Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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