Leslie Jordan Well Shit poster

Leslie Jordan Well Shit poster

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I believe honest journalists something the msm stations don’t have anymore, and speaking of science, the Democrats sure don’t pay attention to it,and our intelligent agencies thanks to obama and some in the agencies have been given a black eye after they used them for political reasons, and the one man you are referring to is way more honest than them or the Democrats using every dirty trick to unseat him Why doesn’t Facebook remove posts like this?!?!?! What disrespect shown to our First Lady. I wonder what’s in this guys past that we could reveal!!! Ridiculous and shameful We have a sad person in this country that hounds people all they are bullies and sado’s its a shame to say but there are loads of them in this world you just have to laugh at them So here’s the thing, a washed up actor? Really she does nothing? What the hell does he do? The star isn’t helping anything or anyone, it’s the common people who are keeping us going right now, want to help? Donate and get out and help, then maybe some will really value your opinion, until then keep your pie hole shut!!! She has more class than you will ever have! Those that decide to attack anyone emotionally mentally or physically, with your words or actions are just the lowest of low. Doesn’t speak well of you if you get joy out of putting others down in any way. People speak of acceptance but it often only applies to their agenda. If doesn’t fit their ideas than it’s wrong. Hypocritical to it’s core it’s what that is. Rapaport? The standard by whom we all shall be judged? Had to google to see who you were. I learned I’ve watched a few things you’d been in but didn’t remember you at all. Why do you barely known Hollywood people think your opinions matter more than anyone else’s?

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