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If the person who sent the bombs is a republican it will no doubt be reported as a Trump follower who represents the right. If it is a democrat it will be reported as a person with mental issues that has nothing to do with the left.

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  • Remember in the old days your last name had to do with what buisness you where in? Wonder what her bloods buisnass wasss? I think the Socialists are behind the “bombs” being planted and found as well. Not the Republicans MO. They are trying to make us look “dangerous.
  • WE need to fix Social Security. The first problem is ….there is not a Social Security Fund, all of the money collected goes into the General Fund and is spent on whatever is needed. So to really fix the problem we need to have a separate fund setup for Social Security only and a law that states the fund can only be used for Social Security period. In addition the General Fund needs to pay back all of the social security funds that it spent on other things that were not social security related. When will TRUMP fix this?

Bonnie Jene let’s see what an investigation reveals before coming to a conclusion. A bomb was planted in a mailbox and it is reported that an employee picked up the bomb and moved it. Was this employee a bomb expert who could recognize and safely remove a bomb? We all need to learn to think better.

Virginia floats on our US Tax Dollars. West Virginia helped fight for the North and Virginia gets all the Government contracts. unfortunately 90% of Virginia’s land mass is controlled by the heavy concentration of liberals inside the 495 beltway. This area should be annexed to DC as it is out of touch with the rest of the state that is conservative, kinda shows how the ‘electoral college: concept can cut both ways , helped Trump, hurting VA.

Leslie Jordan Well Shit poster