Leslie Jordan Well Shit! What are y’all doing phone case

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Michael Jordan you are s blessed person in the mighty precious name of Jesus Aman im doing the best that I can do to make things comfortable for all people in America and foreign countries also. Im just one person with my Momma &Daddy i pay bills in the government with my Momma &Daddy’s to make a difference even though it doesn’t matter to whom ever but it matters to me and my Momma and Daddy because its its nothing hard about makein the money to pay the bills.

  • Its hard to come across because its not easy making it with out it. And I don’t care if I white people don’t like me and I don’t care if my black people don’t like me. But I just have the responsibility to do that one thing that need to be done. I don’t know you but I know that you want to see others make achievements in their lives and I hope that I get a chance to meet you someday
  • Very inspiring although I know in this lifetime there will be no change just like my mother knew in her lifetime there would be no change. We must stand up for what’s right and try our best to make a difference for the generation to come.
  • Jordan, you’re a sneaker company. Maybe if you didn’t use resources to lecture us on things we can all pretty much agree on for the most part then you would have a little extra to spend on hiring local workers instead of propping up sweat shops abroad.

Humankind reached great heights, but humanity haven’t progressed in civility. What do I mean? I saw “SpaceX Crew Dragon” carrying astronauts Robert Behnken & Douglas Hurley to the International Space Station, while Black people are treated with no civility on Earth.

Nice video to save face!!!! Soooo what are y’all ACTUALLY doing about it…besides making hundreds of millions off of our ppl each year? Thank you nike and all the employees who make the greatest running shoes for humans on earth

anyone into sport I have a tip for you a good one too, to have a david beckham style foot you must crosstrain with a rugby ball the torpedo kick molds the foot in a more accurate way, torpedo like the punt, and kick both feet, trow both arms and shoot both hands

Leslie Jordan Well Shit! What are y’all doing phone case

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