LGBT Black Women Kick Trump cloth face mask

LGBT Black Women Kick Trump cloth face mask

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No one has an issue with legal immigrants. And those that contribute to this country. But please don’t make out that the medical profession has a higher number of immigrants as you put it. Just as we have British medical professionals all over the globe who also contribute to the world. the reason they can’t be filled is because labour made it very difficult for nurses to train. Not only did the make nursing a degree course they made them pay for it. Student nurses used to get paid and trained in house. But labour removed the training from the nhs and put it into a university course. Losing a valuable resource and robbing students of valuable experience. I am responding to someone ….I know why. However it doesnt detract from the fact that immigration is not a negative thing always as per this person’s post. and what your experience of being BAME. Racism is being solely being put on whites. You trying to suggest that they no racism going on between BAME. In fact many people of BAME go on to do great things.

If you look at black/ Asian populations general health and sociology-economic parameters are much lower than white population therefore they are more susceptible to Covid and to underlying health issues. yes and your point is. What this got to do with racism. It more about genetic make up than racism. We all know that different races can be more at risk then others. This only become apparent we learnt more about the virus. white people cant help it if other races are more susceptible to viruses. It’s all in our dna as the human race expands out over millions of year our bodies developed to our new environment. The pigment of our skin didn’t need to be so dark further north or further east and west we went. It also effected other parts of our bodies our immune systems etc. Even now the result of sexual activities between races changes what future generations we become. Nature is cruel when it tries to control the natural order of things. As we have long ago killed of any nature predators of man nature is changing it approach on how to restore the balance of nature. Man is now becoming more and more violent and cruel and virus become more viral and adaptive to antibiotics. I believe in the power of nature to control the natural order of things. When I say natural order I don’t mean one race is more superior to another. I mean nature is more powerful than any of us.

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