LGBT Liberty Guns Beer Trump American Flag shirt

LGBT Liberty Guns Beer Trump American Flag shirt

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There will only be the Rich and poor, if the DEMONcrat Communist Party Of Death has their demonic way. Their campaigns are getting funded by Black Lives Matter. That’s got to tell you how much they hate our country. If that doesn’t make people think, they have a “pea”for brains. What kind of ‘crap’….Trump uses the same data collection via the U.S. Dept of Labor…Trump inherited Obama’s 75 months of job development at an unemployment rate of 4.5%…no ‘crap’ there. Sweetheart…maybe YOU were out of the country or just conditioned by the right wing propaganda machine. If you check the U.S. government statistics you will find the facts. Obama took us out of the recessions created during the Bush years and brought us back to a place of growth and economic stability that he handed over. Again a Democrat accuses of what she’s guilty of! Look at the streets, there is your party, no name calling needed. Beating up elderly, throwing vials of piss on people. You’re a proud bunch! I run with a stun gun so I’m not attacked by you wonderful people. I notice that there are no responses other than name-calling or demeaning remarks. Too bad! Many of these people vote against their very own best interests.

Donald Trump. The hate for him runs so deep, they will stop at nothing to try and keep him from being re-elected. This includes voting for a dementia patient who’s administration will cost them serious. you always come back with a question don’t you. I think you are just lonely and like to argue. Poor thing.

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