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The journalists went to the wrong hawker centres and coffee shops. The chinese papers showed many very crowded photos of hawker centres and coffee shops. On phase 2, more ppl will come out. To adapt Social distancing is a challenge to everyone. I have been observed ytd. Since governments implement a new tracking device and likely to launch at end Jun. Beside tracking, Is good that this device can help ppl maintain 1 metre distance. Whoever less then 1 metre, the device will have a “pi” sound and remind the user. This though suddenly come to my mind. Don’t know can this work.

Those who keep on talking abt 2nd wave.. pls get a life la.. u can lock urself in the room, 1 less people outside is always better..majority moved on already looking forward to Phase 3.. not backwards to 2nd wave.. totally agree! I really cannot tahan those who kept saying lockdown lockdown lockdown but I never see them washing hands… KNS road accident death is much higher why don’t go lockdown all cars! Be brave but be careful and be socially responsible! agreed! We need people like yourself to succumb to natural selection! Some people are a waste of oxygen phase 3 will come but stay vigilant while we are out. Don’t wanna going back to social isolation again. Many things depend on that. Seating at hawker centre is much reduce due to safe distancing measure. People who like to chit chat at hawker centre should be considerate and find a more suitable place to gossip so that those who need to eat can have a seat to have their meal.

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