LGBT Stitch I licked it so it’s mine shirt, hoodie, tank top

LGBT Stitch I licked it so it's mine hoodie

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So I wanted to bring to your attention a conversation about rapid, $1 testing that is occurring among scientists. It is a rapid, saliva test that folks can do at home. I will be happy to send you the links for more info. It’s gaining traction amongst scientists so parents and schools can assist in containing outbreaks. I feel like it will be a game changer as we contemplate going back. Nash county has trended up as well, for weeks we have gone from single digit infections to double digits. This is not some random YouTube thing. I have checked sources as you can too or anyone that may be interested. false positives are always a concern as are false negatives and there is a detailed explanation on other podcasts. I do not have that info and I’m not an expert. Also these aren’t swabs so I’m going to guess you didn’t watch this. If your intent is to create doubt or an argument…I’m not interested. I was sharing a possible and inexpensive solution to help get us back to school safely and keep us there. No I did not. Why? Because if the the tests at the doctor’s office that are supposedly to be as close to accurate as can be, done in a sterile environment so as to NOT be contaminated to reduce the possibilities of false positives and tampering yet these labs are where the highest number of false positives and tampering has been found then why trust a home test that has to be sent off? Besides, not only are the labs screwed up but the data being recorded is wrong.
I don’t have to create doubt or an argument. The CDC and hospitals already did that when they screwed with the numbers. first of all calm down. You are trying to convince me to go against what I have researched way more than you. These aren’t sent off. It’s an at home test with a ten minute result. This way a parent can determine whether they should send their kid to school. It makes it easy to contain an outbreak. Stop trying to find a way to say no and find a way to resolve this. If you have something valid to say that sounds like PCR values, viral load concerns aka science talk that makes sense then you can contribute. Otherwise kindly go back to your negative nancy nonsense. This is straight out of Harvard health and Mt Sinai hospital in NY that did the leg work to get better at testing and treatment on their own. They are asking for FDA and CDC support. They are actually looking for solutions. Know what you are talking about.

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