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LGBT Stop Staring At My Cock Beach Shorts

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Cases going way up and we’re among the most conservative with our approach to reopening, certainly as compared to our peer states in the south. That is very troubling. Yes, we are testing more but percent positive is up to 10%…isn’t that just all validating how much of the virus is in our communities…? exactly my point, you are heeding the advice of experts. Restaurants are open, but my family won’t dine in. Our church starts services in 2 weeks, but we will worship from home. our family is still social distancing because it’s my health and my family I need to protect. You don’t need to take the governor seriously, there are plenty of health experts weighing in. The Chief Surgeon of our hospital has done an excellent job of educating our local community. I pay close attention to his advice. but the Governor is making the rules. Everyone should do what they feel is appropriate for themselves and their families. I social distance and rarely am I in a crowd. I do go out for necessities. How do you figure? So the hundreds of thousands lives we lost aren’t valued? I feel like it is so ironic so many of the people who think we should be exposing the world to this bs are supposedly “pro life” folks. If that’s true then concern for everyone’s lives should MATTER. How can you dispute the facts of the deaths in this country? NC is RISING because of people that think like you. I pray God has mercy on folks you love and this doesn’t impact you. I trust Dr. Cohen and team for NC specific data. I don’t pay close attn to SC numbers but do know they are on the rise and are one of a small handful of states of concern given increasing case numbers since reopening. People don’t care and the government has its hands tied. Either they keep us safe or they open so businesses don’t lose their ass. Unfortunately most of us can’t miss a paycheck because the economy isn’t what they pretend it to be. We have to make smart individual decisions and stay away.
Let them have it. Its their decision. However when they bring their children back to my classroom, I hope they are ready to provide us with safety measures and supplies. (In our dreams).

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