LGBT Wonder Woman punch Trump shirt, hoodie, tank top

LGBT Wonder Woman punch Trump hoodie

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This has good info in it, but to state you can tell someone’s political affiliation by whether they wear a mask or not is a bit presumptuous. My biggest issue with masks is that people struggle with wearing them correctly. I see people touching the fronts of them then touching things all over the store, then there’s the under nose wearers. thanks for responding. That was definitely an exaggeration, and more of a reflection of where most of my criticism has come from. I probably did a poor job at getting the message across. I am conservative as well and have the same frustrations as you when people wear them incorrectly. Thanks for your feedback! I don’t think it was presumptuous of you to make such a statement regarding political affiliation based on public statements.

I shared your post with my FB friends and their FB friends. ALL the negative responses came from the same people aligned with the same political beliefs. My response is always that the COVID-19 or any contagious disease does not discriminate based on religious beliefs, political affiliation, race, gender, etc. Thank you for posting your message. Coming from a medical professional, hopefully it changes some people’s view toward wearing a facial cover when out in public. May God continue to bless you and keep you and your family healthy!!

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