Life Is Better With Welsh Corgi face mask

Life Is Better With Welsh Corgi face mask

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You sir just fell for their agenda and screwed EVERY single American. There is nothing patriotic about wearing a mask; especially when you’re forced to. Very disappointed in you. They’re laughing their asses off at you right now. President Trump—We love you, but NO Mandatory Masks, PLEASE—that is NOT Patriotic, but rather undermines our constitutional rights of choice!! I will wear a mask in a nursing home, hospital or the like as my choice or if I was dealing with certain symptoms, but heard immunity was made from our our Lord & Savior and Creator, and everyone wearing masks everywhere comprises our health and immunity system He made! Glad of the change in position, but I love his hypocrissy. His last stance on masks was “it isnt for me”. why the change of heart? Was it the 140K US citizens who have died due to your incompetence and realising that it will contribute to you losing in November? No federal mandates please! I wear a mask but do not believe it’s my right to force others to do so. I also, want you to remember that the very same people who said you had no authority to call the shots on states covid decisions, now want you to do a federal mask mandate! Absolute BS! Nice mask by the way! I see the Presidential seal on it. Just so you can remind your haters, yes you are our President! Metaphorically waiving the middle finger! Submission, control–that is the crux of the whole mask debate. A reporter standing alone, facing the camera 6 feet away giving a report thru a mask! Not necessary. Yet their intent is for us to wear one everywhere, all the time. While wearing a mask, people are still touching things, touching their mask, breathing in air they just expelled. Germs are being spread.

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