Lips and Chanel Lipstick shirt, tank top, hoodie

Lips and Chanel Lipstick T-shirt

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John Scott Lesley move there and see if your opinion is the same. If he doesn’t do something we are all on that slope that slides down to the bottom of a pile of liberal crap we’ll be in for years. Snowflake? That’s your ignorant response? No facts? No decent argument? Have you read a history book? I’m a lifelong Republican that will gladly cower and melt away if you could come up with some semblance of an argument to justify the use of this secret police force. He has the military. USE IT. I agree. I’m just against giving the government more power and tools. He doesn’t need this new police force to get rid of the leftists. But if leftists ever regain the office they will surely use this same tool against anyone in their right mind and say, “But Trump used it first”. It’s coming and it will be a terrifying day. Explain that to those who live here. You can’t. Those Living there thank the President for stepping in. Thry drive way out of the way now to avoid the downtown area. Their Governor needs to be recalled and the Portland Mayor is a disaster. No two ways about it. Rights are read to those arrested. What rights are do you think are being infringed upon? I 100% agree.
Its not ok. Use your authority in the correct way. This is a violation of peoples constitutional rights, regardless if they are ” agitators” They still have the right to know who is grabbing them and where they are taking them. Noone would like this if it were a democrat president doing it.
Pondering to his base, he should be concerned how this could affect his base in yrs to come. lawlessness is Wrong and they should be shown no pity in their arrests. They act like animals and deserve to be treated as same. I think our President should send in the military and take them all out.

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