The human world It’s a mess Little Mermaid shirt, hoodie, tank top

The human world It's a mess Little Mermaid shirt 0

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I use to hear my. Mother and other elderly people say the same about medications and now that I’m in that bracket I can really relate to what they were saying. Excuse my language but it’s a damn shame of the cost of medicines today. Great! Now please mandate that the schools open so my special needs child can get the special services, also a federal mandate, so he can be successful! These governors are not making good decisions and it’s time for you to take over! So many people can’t afford medicines & don’t take them because of that. They have to choose between eating, paying rent, & taking meds. Lowering the meds will help some with this decision. why is MEDICAID sub contracting to companies like MOLINA, UNITED, AND MAGNOLIA to do their work. These companies have cheaply made prescriptions and give us a hard time about getting our medicines. it is bs having to deal with them. Thanks Mr. President, it’s been a long time coming. Big Pharma has been taking in the largest corporate profits for way too many years. Similar drugs are available at greatly reduced prices in other countries, we know they’ve been ripping us off! I don’t see how people can say he hasn’t done anything as President. He has done more in his three and a half years than Obama did in two terms. And President Trump hasn’t taken a paycheck for his hard, dedicated work. We HAVE GOT to keep him in office. Haven’t read all of this yet.. but hoping this will include cancer meds? 10k a month for one? Without insurance ( thankfully at the moment it’s covered for the most part) but Once he retires what next? Who can afford this? Will have to wait and see!

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