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I don’t know if I qualify as a “serious” sci-fi fan. I just love anything Alien, Predator, Terminator, and Robocop. Serious fans of these franchises love whatever we can get. I’ve loved every installment. Certainly I have my own rankings, but am thankful for all of them–including the most recent ones! That said, AVPR was a particular low point…but Prometheus and Covenant certainly were not. IMHO, if you love “serious” sci-fi – it’s impossible to like these two horrible movies. They are the anthem to people’s stupidity and undermines the whole Alien franchise. Actually they mustn’t belong to the Alien franchise at all. They more like “Adventures of Dumb and Dumber in space!” When driving to San Malo France using the gps it kept telling me to turn left .So at the first left there was a car so close behind me I couldn’t turn . Then the next left there was a ambulance so at the next left I was able to turn left then it told me to turn right so I turned right . I ended up in the middle of a dirt road in a corn felid. I swear I could hear the music from deliverance playing in my head . The best part of all of these stories is the universal ability to laugh at ourselves. We may fumble through foreign languages, get lost in unfamiliar lands, but we never lose sight of the humor and adventure of it all. Ten years ago you did a presentation at a church in Denver, and you took the time to have a photo taken with my daughter, who was seven at the time. It made quite an impression on her, and she is still a fan. She may have to chance to go to Europe next summer (she graduates high school this year) and she is avidly reading your books. Thanks for taking the time for her!

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