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“Somewhat skewed belief system.” I think anyone who is an independent thinker is that. I always say I don’t see the world in black and white, I not only see shades of gray, but purples, greens, orange… I usually agree with you, but not always. Regardless of whether I agree with you, I respect you and your right to have your own opinion, and you give us the same respect. And sometimes, I learn something. You do you. Rock on, mofo. This is what I say about my personal page: I post things that reflect my opinion so that you may choose to ponder my very valid points and perhaps come back from the dark side. However, if you comment something hateful or ridiculous, or use a laugh emoji, I’m deleting it and you. My page, my rules. Girl…I love ya! I don’t agree with everything you post….but everyone doesn’t agree with everyone all the time! And that’s ok! And I support our President too. I’m a bit of a smart ass and I have recently learned to speak my mind. And I love it. You be you…..and I’ll continue to read about whatever you write! I like you and your particular brand of trouble, even if you did vote for 45. If people stopped following everyone they disagree with they won’t have anybody left to follow. Don’t let the bastards get you down! I will not unfollow you! I have always respected those who are not afraid to speak up, especially when your conversation challenges those who choose to spew the garbage put forth by today’s media! Continue to call “em” as you see “em”!

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