Just a girl who loves Eeyore face mask

Just a girl who loves Eeyore face mask

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I’m not remotely fooled but thanks for considering that as an option. Which Tory would you choose, given that they have a majority and even without Johnson will remain in power? He hasn’t been taken out into the streets and guillotined (nor made to stand trial in an impartial court of law) , so his bullshit is clearly still working. Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg are cut from the same cloth of privilege and elitism, with the same views and political backers. Why the he country loved Johnson was for his gimmick of his scruffy look and buffoonery. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in a crisis. The emperor is now stark bollock naked. Try telling the truth – nobody will believe you. Tried and tested phrases are “of course I’ll still love you in the morning”, “oven ready” and world beating” Have you been getting by with pure waffle because the person standing opposite used to be a hippy-dippy, sandal wearing, tree hugging, Wurzle Gummidge look-alike, 1970’s throwback?
Tough – he’s been replaced by a well prepared, articulate, smart political leader – get used to being made to look stupid. I liked his policies and thought the media were dreadful to him. Am I a Corbynite…no. that’s because he was unlikely to ever get this mob out. We now have somebody Boris is well inferior to with his lies and blusto. there’s no need to spit out your dentures. I think I know what’s happened. You lost your reading glasses and thought this was the Daily Mail. fortunately I need neither dentures nor reading glasses. But all you’ve done is get personal, can you not effectively put across your point of view without getting personal? but I’m not that gullible enough to believe the MSM.

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