LSU Tigers football hawaiian shirt

LSU Tigers football hawaiian shirt

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What book. And where does it say that specifically. Or are you referring to the body is a temple verse?? Because that says nothing about tattoos. I’ve discussed this with my pastor. Maybe you should do the same. Mary you forgot to mention those that can’t even walk down a ramp or manage to drink a glass of water without having to use 2 hands. I personally don’t care about tattoos they dont bother me. Some employers don’t care, some do. My son has some. Not sure why having them should matter one way or the other. Yet you support the Trump champagne financially and refuse to call out misinformation being spread by him/champagne?
Your actions speak volumes! Joette Seriously, stick up for the 1% much? Zuckerberg legit refuses to fact check / knowingly allows Trump posts / articles that are filled with LIES. Trump is a leader who is bigoted against anyone who isn’t white, straight, rich and male. Hit the bricks and go troll someone else, sweetie. Trump literally had to bring attention to Social Media because they were blocking conservative views. You have your information mixed up, but that’s typical of a sheep that’s spoon fed their news. you are so clearly a sheep, that’s what the media wants you to think of him and his supporters. I’m not a die hard republican but do lean that way. Illegal things? Like wiretapping a presidential campaign? Deleting thousands of emails? Intentionally letting Americans die? Funneling money? Get TF out of here with that. He has helped the middle class greatly with tax cuts, lowest black unemployment, and totally turned around the terrible economy that Obama created. Cord Ssshhh ssshhh. You think I’m a sheep and am unable to critically think for myself.
I think Trump supporters reject reality and must be bigots because they willingly support him.
Trump’s handling of the country’s response to COVID-19 has endangered Americans with more sickness, more deaths, and more economic harm than any other country.
His atrocities are too many to list. And even if I did, you would tell me he didn’t do those things when he clearly did.

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