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My husband and I stayed in the 13th in Paris about 8 years ago. There was a market almost every day surrounding a local church. There was one stall with a rotisserie full of chickens and they put potatoes in the bottom to roast in the drippings. The best potatoes I’ve ever eaten!

  • I’ve been to several markets in Europe on various trips. The Rialto Fish market in Venice was lively. I also enjoyed the markets of Bergen Norway, Saltzburg Austria, Ludlow England and Munich Germany.
  • Went to one in Forcalquier a few years back and it was HUGE. Like, over blocks and filling up a huge parking lot. Bit of a flea market but also cheese and sweets and lavender products and fabric and veggies and flowers and meat and and and…picked up cheese, cookies, veggies, a half cooked rotisserie chicken and some gifts for people at home. It. Was. Amazing.
  • Oh my, this brings us back to so many fun times picking out different and yummy treats each morning in France. So enjoyed this info and wonderful photos. I’ve been “traveling” to France every day by watching the Tour de France!! I can almost taste the croissants!! Beautiful
  • My kind of trip! I have been to markets and farm stands in Italy, France, Germany and multiple American states, but none of these. Something to aim for. I’m sorry but everything about this raises my stress level… bring cash, don’t be late, no real kitchen in the hotel, don’t forget to reserve a table at the Cafe… This is all a good reminder of why guided tours are such a smart idea.

We visited a market in Versailles France 2 years ago. I found the most beautiful tote bag and some delicious peaches. Walking the towns and visiting the shops is a must.

For whatever reason, I was at only one market in France. I got great things but couldn’t find many.
England had market days at smaller towns and I bought at many. Churches had rummage sales, markets had foods and clothing. Antiques and vintage items that were good English quality. Where are the French markets outside of the cities? I stayed in Alsace and Nice.

Maroon 5 – Memories Lyrics Poster

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