Marty whatever happens don’t go to 2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I prefer Presidents who aren’t under investigation by a Grand Jury, a Special Counsel, the FBI, multiple Intelligence Agencies, the Senate, the House and The State of New York.  This is all caused by the crybaby liberals who are causing strife and damage cause their little Hillary didnt win election . Americans are watching these people and they will never win another election 

  • The President never said there was such a thing as a good neo-Nazi, again this is just one of the many big media lies. At that press conference when President Trump was dealing with that pack of animals from the press corp he said there were good people on both sides and there were. It was the reporter that said are you saying neo-nazis are good people? President Trump immediately revbuked what she said, and said NO! I condemned them. I’m just taking up for the people that simply showed up that wanted to protest the removal of a historical monument that has been there since 1923 of Robert E Lee.
  • I have a question for all the Veterans, who are Pro-DUMPster. How can YOU support someone, who MAKES FUN OF POWs and Golden Star Families? I thought, that the Military was FAMILY, that you all depended on each other for survival. That there was a brother/sisterhood in the Military. How can you combine being a DUMPster Supporter with your conscience and with being a veteran?? My late husband, may he rest in peace, who was retired Army, would turn in his grave, if he knew, that there are Veterans supporting this POS!

Antifa should be labeled as hate group… they are so violent. If they feel so strongly of what they believe, why are they covering their faces and shy away from cameras?? Real patriots understand that 45 is unfit for service. Real patriots will defend our great nation against this horrific adminstration. Mueller is getting close to exposing 45 ‘s corruption. The GOP are sick and tired of 45s incompetency!

I can’t believe Hannity tricked me into voting for this guy! Candidate Trump said he’d release his tax returns, build a wall that Mexico would pay for, punish outsourcing corporations, never ever take a vacation, declare China a currency manipulator, and most importantly come out with a better healthcare plan that would cover EVERYBODY.

Marty whatever happens don’t go to 2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top

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